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Apply for SSI if not completed already (refer to Red Book).

Sally Atwell - SSI Benefits Navigator

SSI Wage Reporting App
Apply for the NOW/COMP Waiver:

Review this document for instructions regarding the Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Services Application.

Lionheart WORKS is a Now/Comp Waiver Vendor and accepts self-directed waiver participants.
Apply for Family Support Services through AADD:

Complete the application attached and include the following items
  • Individualized Family Support Application
  • Family Support Services Agreement
  • Family Support Referral Form
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Copy of Insurance Card
Mail, email or fax completed application to:
Rosalyn Morris - Intake Specialist

AADD, Inc.

125 Clairemont Avenue, Suite 300

Decatur, GA 30030

Fax: 404.809.2927

The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency operates five integrated and interdependent statutory programs that share a primary goal - to help people with disabilities to become fully productive members of society by achieving independence and meaningful employment. Lionheart WORKS is an approved GVRA vendor and is accepting referrals through the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA). If you are a VR counselor, to fill out our Referral Form.

Available VR Services:
  • Personal & Social Adjustment Training (675 and 677)
    Services develop or re-establish personal and social behaviors designed to enhance an individual’s employability. Services are instructional and can be provided individually or in small groups.
  • Job Readiness Training (630)
    Service is a set of instructional activities designed to give individuals an opportunity to develop job seeking and job retention skills.
  • Job Coaching (940)
    Service is a set of intensive one-on-one services including job-task analysis, job training, job behavior management, developing natural supports and employer relations needs to ensure client retention.
  • Work Adjustment Training (Facility) (702)
    Service provides an opportunity to develop acceptable work habits in a community environment. This service can be provided directly to the person seeking employment or indirectly through corporate employer/employee support programs.
  • Available VR Services:
  • Work Adjustment Training (Community) (704)
    Services is a comprehensive, time-limited individualized process that assists clients seeking employment to develop or reestablish job readiness skills, work habits and behaviors, quality and quantity of work, personal and social skills, functional capacities and appropriate attitude toward employment.
  • Career Orientation/Job