Related Services

Related Services are part of Lionheart’s interdisciplinary approach where providers work with students in individual and group formats.

Therapy services are integrated in the classroom and in respective therapy rooms. The therapeutic sessions support the educational model at Lionheart where the goal is to provide the optimal support needed for each child to be successful in their learning.

Therapeutic Interventions

  • Occupational therapy for sensory integration (OTR/L licensed and registered occupational therapist on staff)
  • Speech/Language therapy, including the pragmatics around social thinking (CCC-SLP certified speech and language pathologist on staff)
  • DIR® (Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based) Advanced and Expert Floortime™ players, leaders and trainers
  • Hippotherapy provided by an American Hippotherapy Board Certified Therapist licensed OT on staff. CLICK HERE to read more about Lionheart’s Hippotherapy program

The therapists coordinate with classroom teachers so that the groups support the themes and topics that students are learning within the classroom. Integrating therapeutic goals in all settings help to develop visual spatial foundations, sensory integration and modulation, posture, strength, refined movements, planning and sequencing, oral motor, receptive and expressive language, and executive functioning.