Program Overview

The Lionheart Model

  • Integrates the principles of evidence-based practices
  • Focuses on core deficits: relating, communicating, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Addresses individual profiles including but not limited to auditory processing, motor planning/sequencing, visual-spatial processing, executive function, sensory processing, memory systems, and language processing.

Academics and Activities

  • Research-based curricula modified to accommodate each student’s individual learning challenges.
  • Focus on Emotional Intelligence, Executive Function and Theory of Mind development.
  • Experiential learning in the classroom, off campus field trips and through both Lionheart Gardens® and LionheARTisans™ programs.
  • Technology tools to enhance communication and learning – Promethean whiteboards, iPads, and computers in every classroom, a computer lab in library as well as Promethean ActivTables.
  • School activities: yoga, drama, music, art, life-thinking skills, physical education.
  • Community activities and vocational exploration.
  • On and off-campus after school activities

Therapeutic Interventions

  • M.Ed. certified special education teachers on staff
  • Occupational therapy for sensory integration (OTR/L licensed and registered occupational therapists on staff)
  • Speech/Language therapy, including the pragmatics around social thinking (CCC-SLP certified speech and language pathologist on staff)
  • Educational Technology specialist on staff who supports every classroom
  • DIR® (Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based) Advanced and Expert Floortime™ players, leaders and trainers
  • Hippotherapy provided by a licensed OT certified by the American Hippotherapy Board