Our Mission & History

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate education for children who need a specialized learning environment, therapeutic interventions, supported social interactions, and strategies to accommodate their individual profiles.

Our History

Lionheart is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in the year 2000 by a group of parents and professionals who created a supportive and nurturing environment for children with challenges of relating and communicating. Lionheart started in a small cottage on the grounds of the Alpharetta Presbyterian Church, and worked diligently to create a model program that focused on each child’s individual differences. In 2010, with the support of families, friends, foundations and the community, Lionheart moved into a new building that was designed specifically for the population it serves.

The Lionheart Approach

The Lionheart School emphasizes relationships, emotional intelligence, abstract critical thinking, problem solving, and social cognition. The academic program integrates the principles of evidence-based practices for students with learning differences while always considering their individual profiles. Each student has an individual learning plan that considers interests, strengths, and preferences, as well as strategies to address targeted challenge areas.

The Lionheart School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry),
disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.