Educational Technology

At The Lionheart School, we use the latest technology to advance the school’s mission, providing our faculty with the technological tools they need to enhance their teaching while making it easier for our students to learn. The educational technology curriculum encourages our students to meet challenges with logic and creativity using a variety of technologies. Teachers work with our Ed-Tech Specialist to incorporate technology in their classrooms at the appropriate instructional level for each student. Each classroom at The Lionheart School is equipped with an ActivBoard or ActivPanel. The ActivBoards continue to be an effective tool in the classrooms, engaging and motivating students. We also have two ActivTables that every child has access to for stimulating and relevant lessons. Lionheart has a partnership with PowerUpEdu and staff receive trainings throughout the course of the school year. Teachers and students use iPads during academic instruction, creating a unique learning experience for each student. We believe that technology is a vital tool in the educational process. The Lionheart School is equipped with technology which helps bridge learning difficulties, boosts creativity, and makes learning exciting!