WORKS Admissions

If you are interested in Lionheart WORKS program, please fill out our click here contact form and someone will reach out to you.

You can also call Lionheart WORKS at 678.691.7922 and express your interest in the WORKS program to schedule a tour and learn about the process of applying for admission through the available referral sources.

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA):

We are an approved GVRA provider and now accepting referrals through the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA). If you are a VR counselor, to fill out our Referral Form.

Available VR Services:

  • Personal & Social Adjustment Training (675 and 677)
    Services develop or re-establish personal and social behaviors designed to enhance an individual’s employability. Services are instructional and can be provided individually or in small groups.
  • Job Readiness Training (630)
    Service is a set of instructional activities designed to give individuals an opportunity to develop job seeking and job retention skills.
  • Job Coaching (940)
    Service is a set of intensive one-on-one services including job-task analysis, job training, job behavior management, developing natural supports and employer relations needs to ensure client retention.
  • Work Adjustment Training (Facility) (702)
    Service provides an opportunity to develop acceptable work habits in a community environment. This service can be provided directly to the person seeking employment or indirectly through corporate employer/employee support programs.
  • Work Adjustment Training (Community) (704)
    Services is a comprehensive, time-limited individualized process that assists clients seeking employment to develop or reestablish job readiness skills, work habits and behaviors, quality and quantity of work, personal and social skills, functional capacities and appropriate attitude toward employment.
  • Career Orientation/Job Sampling (651)
    Service is a diagnostic tool that enables an individual to make appropriate vocational choices, improve self-esteem, become employment focused and set career and placement goals.
  • Work Evaluation (652)
    Service is a time limited evaluation of an individual’s work behaviors designed to determine work habit deficits that prevent attainment of vocational goals.
  • Vocational Evaluation Comprehensive (21)
  • Vocational Evaluation Limited (23)
  • Customized Supported Employment
  • Transportation (to facility/to community)

NOW and COMP Waiver Programs:

Lionheart WORKS is in the process of applying to become a provider.

Private Funding:

Individuals with their own funding source, whether personal or through an agency are invited to contact Lionheart WORKS at 678.691.7922 for information, or fill out our contact form.